Skilled Manpower Suppliers

Manpower Supply Services

Whether hire manpower for contractual basis or long term basis, Gravo Security Services is competent to provide you with skilled manpower solutions as per your requirements.We work as a mediator that helps you appoint those young professionals who are expert in their fields.

Outsourcing Manpower

We understand that manpower is the prime driving force behind any successful venture. A team of skilled workers work as a backbone of a company but sourcing of manpower is one of the biggest challenges for any organization. It is time consuming and needs considerable amount of effort. Due to this reason, we provide outsourcing of manpower. We give you relief from the responsibility to watch out skilled workers. Not just that, we take the responsibility to train and recruit individuals at various levels.

Who Can Contact Us?

Every company be it Developers, MNCs, IT, Finance, Education and Health can contact us to hire skilled staff. Our organization is specialized in find out individuals from lower level clerks to highly qualified officials. p>

Our team of recruiters are capable to work in any kind of situation and ensure full support. We ensure to maintain happy client relationships by fulfilling the requirements on time.

Our Network

With offices in almost all major cities of India, we have developed as a leader in contingent and permanent staffing. We endeavour to provide our service to small and large organizations to enhance their business agility and competitiveness.

Talent Resourcing

We provide the right talent whenever and where you need them.


Whether you need to appoint a single plumber for a day plumbing or a team of bilingual representatives for your call centre, contact us for a prefect manpower solution.

Permanent Placement

Appoint the right talent who can work for a long time is something that every organization needs. We share the responsibility by background check, reviewing resume and assessing individuals on behalf of you. We will actually shorten the time of appointment for you.


Hire talents for a certain time period from us. We assist you at our best.

Quick Manpower Solution for

  • Carpenter
  • Layman
  • Electrician
  • Mason
  • Gardner
  • Plumber