Security Guard Service

Security Guard Services

Welcome to Gravo Security Services, a leading security service provider in India!

Gravo Security Services have marked an excellent impression in the field of security by providing highly skilled armed and unarmed guards…

Operating our business from Madhya Pradesh, we are currently serving world class security assistance to Industries, MNCs, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars & Homes..,

Our in-house security training centre ensures to offer physical, metal, technical and armed training. They are taught about how to handle the situation keeping in mind the law system. Our security officers learned the art of fighting also that involves keeping the miscreant calms down without hurting him… We focus on physical fitness and active mind training.

Our Specializations under Security Services are

Security Guards

Gravo Security Services trains every year multiple people for security guards. Our well-established security services meet the demand of security guards for national and international organizations, corporate, hotels, education institutes etc… Robust physique guards are appointed for part time or full time duty….

Lady Security Services

We help appoint lady security guards to our highly valued clients. Our guards are with a vigil eye and cooperative to tackle situations. They are trained for interpersonal skills, self defence, first aid, fire safety, soft skills and handling security instruments.

Armed Security Services

Licensed arm guards are appointed as per your request. They have a valid pistol license and are trained to use it.

Event Security Services

Gravo is ready to meet your occasional security service demands under event security. Our skilled guards are capable to handle mobs. From high profile events to marriage parties and birthday parties, you can get instant event security services from us…

Escort Security Services

The service is offered to the clients who need assistance while travelling from one place to another. Our escorts are professionally well qualified, educated and groomed. They are well conversant with their task.


Do you need personal security officer or bodyguard? Contact Gravo Security Services! Our close protection officers protect high profile people including celebs, tycoons and leaders. They provide protection against crowd, theft, kidnapping, harassment or other criminal offences.


Bars, pubs and nightclubs can contact us directly to appoint bouncers who are skilled in tackling miscreants and make your premise a safe place to enjoy. Hire smart, focused and enthusiastic bouncer to improve your security level! Contact us for further inquiry! Our CCE team will help you the best…