Privacy Policy


The aim that works behind creating privacy policy is protecting the privacy of our customers,
providing better customer experience and improving our performance.

Our Policy

Our privacy policy is agreed by all those who make a visit to our site and get services from us. The prime vision behind the policy is that users visiting our site and getting our services are in safe hands.

What We Collect?

In the wake of maintaining happy customer relationships, we gather personal data of clients that they have shared with us. Their name, address, phone number are collected by us. For our visitors, we collect their IP address and browsing behaviour.

What is the Purpose of Collecting the Info?

Your information provides us great help in many ways:

We pay heed to personalize your experience (by keeping an eye on your browsing behaviour we try to make every visit to our site convenient and pleasant)

Bring improvement in our site (your reviews and activities help us to improve performance of our site)

Maintain uninterrupted communication (send you updates of our services and keep you informed about our deals through mails and alert messages)

Note: Each mail you receive from us has an unsubscribe button. You are free to click if you don’t want to receive mails of us in future.

Maintain Safety

High quality tools are used to store your personal data. It is kept and opened by only our reliable staff.

With Whom We can Share Your Data?

No third party can access your information. However, we can share your information to our partners if they assure the data will be not misused. Under the law we release your information by protecting your right.

Our Authority

We have the power to make changes in the policy anytime without prior consent. We request our clients to make a visit to our privacy policy before getting services from us. For any further inquiry, please mail us at………………..